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About Matthias von Grundherr

After over 300+ shooting days spread throughout Europe, Matthias von Grundherr was known for his production of viral YouTube videos and outstanding Instagram pictures.

As an industry insider, however, he quickly realized:
To achieve long-term & scalable growth in your market, you have to execute your Social Media Production internally.

Today, he guides growth-oriented companies in recruiting and training their own social media teams. This allows him to scale the publicity and revenues of his clients around the world with great leverage.

The Nickname “God of YouTube” was given to him when he broke the 1-Million-Subscriber-Mark as the Thumbnail Designer of the German Channel “Liebscher & Bracht” and shortly afterwards leveraged the social media team of one of Europe’s largest precious metal traders – “Kettner Edelmetalle” – to 100.000 subscribers.

Katja Hinterleitner
Gamechanger Businesscoach

We now have a clear plan. With Matthias by my side, I achieve the results in the shortest possible time that would otherwise have taken me years.

Sebastian Albert
Agency Sales Trainer

I’m now reaching customers I didn’t reach before. My social media presence lets my sales calls run far more effortless.

Dieter Kiwus
Coach for Financial Service Providers

Now that Social Media has been completely handed over to Matthias and my team, I can focus even more on my strategic tasks as the CEO of my company.

Lars Pilawski
Online Marketer for Niche Sites

My YouTube Channel has tripled in 6 months. Definite recommendation, have fun with him.

Frédéric Ebner
Professional Broker & Financial Expert

When it comes to marketing via Photo & Video, Matthias is an absolute professional. I can therefore only recommend him.

Kristina Lang
Pain Specialist & Coach

It’s about touching people emotionally via Video & Photo. Matthias von Grundherr has mastered this.

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“You can’t coach desire. Everything else I can teach you.”

Playing the Social Media Game, especially with YouTube as the supreme discipline, will eventually bring almost every entrepreneur to their limits.

But if you have the intrinsic desire to reach as many people as possible with your message, your product, or your service…. Then together we will achieve goals that you previously deemed impossible.

– Matthias von Grundherr, CEO of von Grundherr Consulting

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